Take Care Leather Suede Jackets

Leather and Suede jackets are some of the best materials used not only to keep you warm, but for looking fashionable as well. They are also very delicate and need to be handled with care. Once taken cared for properly, leather and suede jackets can last a lifetime.

If your leathers are looking worn, Cameo Cleaners can restore them for you. If your leathers are dirty and full of grime, we can clean it for you as well. Cleaning leathers yourself is an extremely difficult and delicate process. There are many types of leathers. Each type of leather has to be handled differently in order to make sure it doesn’t get ruined.

Cleaning suede jackets are also very difficult to do on your own due to the many risks involved. Suedes can get scuffed and stained easily and we highly recommend you take your suedes to Cameo Cleaners regularly to ensure your jacket’s longevity.

At Cameo Cleaners, we have been cleaning all types of leathers and suedes for decades and have the expertise to ensure that they are handled with the care it deserves.