The holiday season reminds us all that there are great businesses all around us giving back to the community. We can give back to those businesses by shopping locally. And it makes for unique and thoughtful gifts.

Showing your support to small, local businesses can be done in many ways. Writing an online review, engaging with their social media, and of course, purchasing their products or services are all great ways to do so.

If you’re on board to shop locally this year, but simply don’t know where to start. Here are some tips to find great presents that support your community at the same time.

Talk it Out

A great place to start is asking the people in your life if they have a favorite go-to spot in town. We put a great deal of trust into what our friends recommend and let’s be honest, we do this because they usually have great taste! One great experience leads to many new opportunities for a business so if you find out about a place, go ahead and pass it along as well.

Hit The Town

We know going into physical stores isn’t everyone’s cup of tea these days, but a good way to explore what this wonderful city has to offer is exploring. Make a day of it, put on your favorite scarf and gloves, grab a latte, and see what’s out there. Of course, if you love going out shopping and already know the best spots, you’re ahead of the game. For others who prefer to window shop, most small businesses are offering curbside pickup options, or even delivery, so you can safely receive products and services from your local shops without stepping inside.

Head Online

Looking at your local newspaper or publications for recommendations is also a great starting point. Most articles you can find will actually list gift ideas for you: the best gift card deals, the best gifts for Mom, etcetera. What could be easier than that? 

Think Outside the Box

Give the gift of no more laundry this year! Taking care of a loved one’s garments is what Cameo By Copeland is here for. Give us a call and our team can help you schedule a pickup for a family member. These gestures mean a lot to the people in your life and it shows you’re really thinking about what matters most to them. 

Here are some of our favorite spots: