It’s that time of year for outside gatherings, barbecues, pool parties, etc. Over time outside furniture can become covered in dirt, mildew and even animal droppings. Here are some tips on how you can clean different types of patio furniture.

STEP 1: Remove the cases from patio cushions and machine-wash if possible. If not, hand-wash and soak the cushions in a solution of water and dish soap. If your cushions have mildew or animal droppings, mix 1 tablespoon of dish washing liquid, ¼ cup of borax to warm water. Generously sponge the sudsy solution onto your cushions, and let them soak for 15 minutes. For those stubborn spots, try using a scrub brush or a clean cloth.

STEP 2: Vacuum the patio cushions, using the upholstery attachment this will remove any loose dirt and dust. If your cushions are tufted, be sure to run the attachment carefully over the crevices, seams, and any buttons.

STEP 3: Rinse with a garden hose. Don’t use a pressure washer for the task, as the intensity may damage the fabric.

STEP 4: Towel-dry the patio cushions as best as possible, then leave out to air-dry completely. If it isn’t drying fast enough, don’t be afraid to pull out the blow dryer to avoid regrowth of mildew.

STEP 5: Once your cushions are completely dry, spray them with a fabric protector, such as Scotchgard Water & Sun Shield, to help them resist dirt and stains from such summery things such as spilled food, fruit punch, and dripping popsicles.

All of these tips can be used on cloth, plastic and wicker. If you have a really stubborn stain, or  case or cushion that needs repair, Cameo Cleaners can take care of it with ease. Click the link below to schedule a pick up. Taking these steps now will make it much easier to keep your patio looking immaculate all summer long.