Leathers are a great functional piece of clothing. They complement any outfit and are very premium in quality. They are great investments if you know how to care for them. Caring for them means regular cleaning and preservation at the leather cleaners (professional ones of course). However, other than cleaning and preservation is storage. Yes, leather storage is very important to the longevity of leathers.

If leathers are stored improperly, all your efforts towards cleaning and preservation would be for nothing. Are you storing your leathers improperly? Here are the following ways leathers can be stored improperly:

  • Storing them in your closet with an improperly-sized hanger
  • Stuffing them into a crowded closet without any space for the leathers to breathe
  • Folding them into boxes under your bed or basement or attic
  • Storing them into a storage unit without proper air ventilation
  • Not cleaning them before storage
  • Placing multiple leathers on top of one another on a hanger or in a drawer

All the above are just some of the ways that you may be storing your leathers improperly. The best way for properly leather storage is to take them to a professional leather cleaner. Only professional leather cleaners know how to properly store your leathers due to their decades of expertise in handling them. They will constantly monitor your leathers throughout their time in storage to ensure that the storage process is going along smoothly. You can even have them come to you to pick up your leathers and return them back to your whenever you want. This makes the entire leather storage process care and worry free!

Take your leathers to a professional leather cleaner for all your storage, cleaning, and preservation needs.


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