Summer time is over which means it’s time to store your summer clothes! There are many reasons why storing your summer clothes is a good idea. One main reason is to have more space to store all your fall and winter outfits. With coats, sweaters, and other winter outfits from last year as well as new ones that you bought or are planning to buy this year, finding space to keep them all might be tough. That’s why at Cameo Cleaners, we can store them for you! No need to waste time figuring out where you are going to store them and figuring out what to buy in order to store them in.

Also, Cameo Cleaners can come to you! We offer free pickup and delivery so figuring out a way to bring your summer clothes to us is no longer an issue!

When we store your summer outfits, not only do we ensure that they are stored properly, but we also clean them. We make sure that they are clean and fresh before storing them to ensure that they stay the way you gave them to us.

Contact Cameo Cleaners for all your storage needs.