Those who live in tight spaces always ask the question, “Where can I store my summer clothes?” when autumn comes around. They need to find the space necessary to store their summer clothing at so to have space in their closets for their winter clothing. Not everybody has a home full of closest – especially if you live in a city like Manhattan. So, what should you do?

Three words. Professional dry cleaner.

You may ask, how can a dry cleaner hold on to and store my clothes when all they do is clean our clothes? Yes, a dry cleaner only cleans and tailor clothing, but a PROFESSIONAL dry cleaner does more than just “dry clean” clothes. They offer plenty of professional and luxury services such as (to name a few) upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, leather and suede cleaning and restoration, fur cleaning, shoe and handbag repair, drapery cleaning, wedding gown cleaning, and yes, storage.

A professional dry cleaner can store all your summer clothing so that you can have the space and peace of mind to deal with your winter attire. If you’re thinking, why trust a dry cleaner when I can just rent out storage space and store it myself? Then reflect on the following:

  • Can you store them in a climate-controlled environment to minimize the risk of destroying your clothing over time due to storing methods not safe for your clothing?
  • Can you and do you have time to clean and iron and hang all your summer clothing at your storage facility?
  • Can you consistently check up on your clothing to ensure that the storing process is going well and analyze any potential issues that need to be addressed before it happens?
  • Can someone pick and deliver your clothing to or from the storage facility whenever you want?
  • Most importantly, can you prevent the buildup of dust and other damaging air particles from getting into your clothing and damage them?

As you can see, most of the answers to these questions will be no. Even if you said yes to one of these questions, a professional dry cleaner will certainly do it better.

So, the next time you find yourself asking the question, “Where can I store my summer clothes?” always remember your professional dry cleaner.


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