Sweaters are best worn at this time of year. However, improper care of them can result in a few trips to the mall to find a new sweater. You see, moths are harmless to you and to everything else in your house but one thing that they love most? Wool and sweaters.

Moths eat the fabric off your sweaters which is what causes those random, perfectly circled holes in your clothing. Besides the visible damage that can sometimes be hard to repair perfectly, they also lay eggs on your sweaters! If hatched, more moths will be ready to eat more of your clothing.

Best thing to do is to ensure proper storage of your sweaters. Make sure you store them INSIDE your closets and not outside. Make sure they are cleaned routinely by taking them to professional dry cleaners. If your sweater has already been affected my moths, take them to a high-end, professional dry cleaner who can expertly hide those holes, so you can still look sexy in your favorite winter sweaters. If spring comes around and you find that your sweaters are just taking too much valuable space in your closet, just store them at a professional dry cleaner who knows how to store them professionally and in the correct environment – away from moths!



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