how to care for linen

How to Care For Linen

Knowing how to care for linen is about more than just knowing what can be washed on cold, what can be washed on warm, and what requires careful dry cleaning.

Linens are one of the most important textiles in your home, being one of the few that you use every single day. Many people have linens that were passed down from generation to generation—or that cost a pretty penny when they were purchased new. And whether your bed and table linens are family heirlooms or just one of your comfiest investments, taking care of them properly is crucial if they’re going to continue to last.

As providers of New York’s premier table and bed linen cleaning service for more than 60 years, we’ve picked up plenty of tricks of the trade when it comes to keeping your linens looking brand new. So eat, sleep, and be merry, all without sacrificing your linens. Here’s how.

Secrets From a Linen Laundry Service

What does your linen laundry service know that you don’t when it comes to cleaning and preserving your linens? Well to start, they know that the safest and most effective way to care for your linens almost always requires professional assistance. Cleaning pros are experts at hand-cleaning techniques that work around linen embellishments like lace and embroidery, and they also know how to tackle stains on your most delicate of fabrics.

But while we always recommend that the first step in caring for your bed and table linens is searching for “linen cleaning services near me,” we also know the importance of understanding what you should (and should not) be doing at home. Here are some essential tips to follow when it comes to proper at-home linen care:

Read the label. This one sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people just throw their linens in the washer or dryer and press start without paying close attention to the cycle requirements on the label. The rules that apply to washing your clothing garments don’t always apply to linens, even if they’re made from similar materials. Read the label carefully and follow it to a T to ensure that you don’t accidentally harm your linens instead of cleaning them.

Skip the fabric softener. Of course we all want our beds to be as comfortable as possible, but using fabric softener on fine linens can weaken their natural fibers and cause serious long-term damage. All linens soften naturally over time, so put in a bit of patience instead of trying to beat the game with commercial fabric softeners.

Treat stains right away. Linens are made from delicate fabrics that can be difficult to scrub stains out of. Treat stains as soon as you notice them, using a gentle stain remover that’s specifically made for your linen’s fabric. This helps make sure that the stain doesn’t set into the fibers, and will also help your linens last longer in between professional cleanings.

Don’t crowd your linen closet. Let your linens breathe! In storing both bed and table linens, keep them in a dry and cool area away from direct sunlight, and don’t stack your linens too tight. If you’re in need of long-term linen storage, ask about our storage services, which keep your linens in a safe and temperature controlled space until you’re ready to use them again.

Try Our Professional Linen Cleaning Services

We offer linen cleaning services that you can rely on to keep your bed and table linens looking their absolute best. Trust our team at Cameo Cleaners to treat all of your finest linens with the tactful hand they require, with gentle techniques that lift stains and provide a thorough cleaning without harming natural fibers. We’re always accepting new clients, so schedule a pick-up today and give your linens the TLC they deserve.