The weather is heating up. Put away those bulky sweaters and long sleeves and take a good look at your Summer wardrobe. You may be looking forward to getting some of your Summer gear out of storage but other outfits are not as fashionable as they were last season. With a few minor alterations you can update your old clothes and have a modern, current, sunshine-ready wardrobe, while spending a lot less than you would on a trip to your favorite boutique. Follow a few of our tips to figure out which summer tailoring tricks you can use to brighten up your summer closet.

Dresses and Skirts

Take a good look at your dresses and skirts. Hemline fashions change every year, and this one is no different. Consider adding a handkerchief hem to a longer dress for a more current look. And shortening any dresses with awkward lengths will add length to your legs. Try on your dresses to make sure the fit is right as well. Our talented tailors can help you adjust any gapping you might encounter, and can easily shorten or lengthen straps and sleeves for a more flattering fit.


Skirt hemlines aren’t the only things getting shorter this season; shorts are shorter as well. Let our tailors take those knee length shorts up a notch. Or maybe you’d rather turn your favorite pants from fall into your new favorite shorts or capris for summer. Also take a moment to check the fit of your pants and shorts. Take advantage of the amazing tailors at Cameo Cleaners to make sure your pants and shorts fit you perfectly.

Shirts and Jackets


Not only can our tailors help you perfect the fit of your shirts, they can also help you update any buttons or sleeve lengths to personalize your garment. And a good Summer wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without that perfect jacket. Make sure your warm weather jackets fit just right and you’ll be able to complete your layered look with confidence.

You don’t have to stop there. The exceptional tailors at Cameo Cleaners can help you alter anything in your wardrobe until it perfectly expresses your own personal style. Contact us and we’ll help you get started today.