Drapes are fashionable as much as they are practical. They serve the purpose of privacy as well making your house or apartment looking nice and presentable. However, drapes contain many dust particles, pet hair, pollen, etc which does damage to the life of your drapes if not taken cared of properly. You could try and clean drapes yourself but without proper understanding of the material used, you could potentially ruin your expensive drapes.

A professional dry cleaner is recommended for cleaning drapes to ensure that they last a long time.

A professional dry cleaner should use special equipment not sold in your average consumer electronics store to carefully clean and take care for your drapes. The fabric of your drapes should be carefully analyzed by the cleaner before choosing the proper equipment to begin his work. Vacuuming is a good way to clean and remove dust and allergens from your drapes. However, that should only be done in-between professional cleaning sessions as vacuuming by itself won’t do enough to ensure the proper longevity of your drapes.

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