Spring cleaning has commenced and amongst the chaos of our daily lives, cleaning up after ourselves can become something of a tedious task. Keeping up with the chores can get lost while staying on track with everything else. I’ve come up with tasks we can do daily, weekly, and monthly to help maintain the cleanliness we so crave. I feel like breaking it down, this way, helps stay organized and is easy to stick to.

Make beds
Taking out trash
Clean as you cook; hand wash dishes or,
Unload, load, and run the dishwasher if you have one
Sweep and mop all floors
Wipe down countertops
Clean shower doors, walls, sink, and toilet

Dust all surfaces
Wipe inside the microwave
Throw out old food in the fridge
Spot clean oven
Laundry; wash, fold, and put away
Vacuum all floors
Change bed sheets
Scrub bathtub

Deep clean all appliances, small (toaster, toaster oven, coffee maker) and large (oven, fridge, washer, drier)
Clean all cabinets; kitchen and bathroom
Dust and/or wipe walls, ceiling corners, baseboards, light fixtures, blinds, etc.
Wash small area rugs and mats
Vacuum sofas and mattresses

Life gets hectic for all of us and from time to time we may need help. If you ever find house cleaning overwhelming, contact us and we will have your house spic and span.



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