For the Love of Our Pets!

Our pets become part of our family, so we care for them as such, although they can wreak havoc all over our homes. Cleaning up after our children is one thing, but sometimes it’s a painful chore to clean up after our pets. Pets leave us with shedding, droppings, scratches, etc. whether it be on the sofa, area rugs, carpet, flooring, and outside patio furniture.

When it comes to set in stains there are many ways to remove most of it. You want to be sure you are using the right kind of cleaners to make sure you are keeping your pet safe. Learning about toxic chemical that are used in daily cleaning products. Here’s a list of ingredients that should not be included (as they may cause serious health conditions and even lead to cancer): ammonia, bleach, chlorine, glycol ethers and formaldehyde.

Some cleaners may not be able to remove set in stains. This may be due to fabric type, how long the stain was there, or just using the wrong type of cleaner. Using the wrong products may cause the stain to spread, the odor to remain or get worse, and discoloration or fading of the treated area.

Pets love a clean environment to keep them happy and healthy. Most pets need special care because they can carry salmonella and shigella.  To avoid spreading these germs, wipe down cages and bedding once the week while wearing gloves. Don’t use the kitchen sink, instead, use the laundry room sink or the bathtub.

Our lives are getting busier and Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted allowing us to enjoy the summer weather. The last thing we want to be doing is cleaning up these messes instead of enjoying the outdoors with our family, friends, and pets.

Cameo uses only certified organic pet cleaners. Our Interior Cleaning department offers a wide range of services to accommodate to your needs. We know what it takes to remove the unwanted in a manner that will keep your pet(s) safe. Contact us today to find out more information and schedule a consultation.