Contrary to popular belief, raincoats can get damaged if exposed to water. You see, raincoats are functional clothing that protect you from the rain and wind. In order for them to do their job, waterproof coating is applied. This makes the material used to make your raincoat resistant to water. So although it may seem that your raincoats are always protecting you, the reality is, raincoats aren’t weatherproof.


Over time, however, this waterproof coating fades away and needs to be reapplied in order to restore its functionality. Estimates as to when exactly does this waterproof coating fade away will depend on the brand. Cheap brands will go bad fast while luxury brands will last longer. Regardless of what brand you’re wearing, it will be impossible to tell if the waterproof coating on your raincoat needs replacing until it’s too late.


This is why taking your raincoats to a professional dry cleaner is the best solution. Only they know how to reapply a raincoats’ waterproof coating professionally while also cleaning and preserving your raincoats in the process. A big mistake is to put your raincoats in the washer to be cleaned using harsh, chemical-based detergents. This will destroy your raincoats in a hurry.


Only trust a professional dry cleaner to take care of all your raincoat cleaning and preservation needs. Contact us today.



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