It seems like we’re finally finding a way to get back to some form of normalcy in our daily lives with work, school, events, and travel picking up in a big way. So this is perfect timing to take a look at how we can support our local school systems in protecting our students and families by keeping their school uniforms clean and sanitized. It is important to realize the quality of clean and care achieved by Cameo By Copeland and our GreenEarth Cleaning System—much to everyone’s satisfaction this fall. Trust that we can help to protect what matters most to you with our thorough cleaning process. Whether it’s the school band, football team, cheerleading squad, or any other uniforms requiring professional cleaning and sanitization, we will provide your school with the utmost quality of cleanliness and protection.

Schools have a difficult decision to make when choosing the garment care professional to trust with their students’ attire for a proper clean. We appreciate that students need a clear mind and a fresh look to perform to their full potential. With our team on the job, there is nothing that cannot be repaired and/or cleaned at the highest level. Garments that take the hardest beatings are typically sporting gear, and they can build up serious odors over time, along with color fading and stains, which is to be expected after repeated use. Schools, parents, and students alike expect uniforms and equipment to be held up to a certain standard—and rightfully so. Cameo by Copeland can assist you in making sure you meet those standards.

Powered by GreenEarth Cleaning, we can provide the most environmentally safe option to clean your clothes by replacing traditional dry cleaning petrochemicals with pure liquid silicone. Our cleaning system is environmentally non-toxic, gentle on fabrics, and cleans clothes at high enough temperatures to deactivate most bacteria and viruses. We can restore these items and return them to their former glory. By working with Cameo by Copeland to facilitate the cleaning and sanitizing process for your students, you’re creating a better and safer environment for your athletes, musicians, and student body. Trust us to provide your school with peace of mind.