After all the holiday cheers, everyone is settling back into their normal schedule. You, however, have a lot of work to do. You decided to invite all those guests and now it’s time to care for your home. Did the kids get on the couch with their cute, yet dirty little hands? Did your friend’s dog make a mess on the sofa? Did your uncle make everyone laugh so hard that someone spilled their drink all over your upholstery?

All these scenarios are typical, and the appropriate response is to act fast. You never want a stain to settle on your upholstery. A professional dry cleaner can save the day by expertly removing those stains while professionally caring for your upholstery. Only a luxury dry cleaner would understand the nuances of upholstery care and deal with every upholstery according to their make and finish.

Don’t try to clean up the mess yourself, let us handle it professionally so your upholstery can last a lifetime. Contact us today.

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