Protecting your raincoats with waterproofing is the best way to ensure the longevity and waterproofing capabilities of your raincoat. You have nothing to worry about if you have a plastic raincoat because the material will naturally keep water out. However, if you have raincoats made out of nylon or other finer fabric, then you need to protect its waterproof layer over time. This will extend the life of your raincoat.

Before waterproofing, your raincoat needs to be clean and free from grime and dirt. When you buy your waterproofing product, make sure it’s a product with durable water repellent (DWR) qualities as this is the best protection against water. You need to make sure that you evenly coat your raincoat, sometimes multiple times, for full effectiveness. After coating your raincoat, you need to dry it in order to lock in the protectant by either putting it in the drier under medium heat or iron.

Waterproofing your raincoat by yourself can be a challenge and sometimes even dangerous. You might not coat your raincoat evenly or one side might be coated more than the other. The waterproofing spray can get into your eyes if you’re not careful and cause health issues.

The best way to get your raincoat waterproofed is by taking it to Cameo Cleaners. We offer full-service raincoat waterproofing. Our products are always organic and top-of-the-line, meaning it won’t damage your fine fabric, change, or fade its colors. We dry clean your raincoat to remove all amounts of soil, and we know which specific treatment each fabric needs. Bring your raincoat in today to preserve it for the next few years, and protect the layer that protects the rest of your superior fashion.