Raincoats are great for not getting wet during a rainy day. However, did you know that a raincoat can lose its waterproofing capabilities over time? Due to wear and tear, the waterproof layer of a raincoat slowly goes away and you’ll have to apply a new coat of DWR (durable water-repellent).

To waterproof your rain coat, first you’ll need to wash it. This is because other things such as dirt and sweat can get into your raincoat once the DWR wears off. When washing, you’ll need to use a special detergent which won’t do damage to the fabric of your raincoat. After washing, you’ll need to rinse your raincoat and hang it. While it is still wet, apply a fresh coat of DWR and then toss it in the dryer.

Your raincoat should be water-proof again. You can test it by sprinkling water on it. If your coat doesn’t soak up the water, it’s officially water-proof. If it does, you may have applied the DWR wrong; which happens more often than you think. This is why we recommend using Cameo Cleaners to ensure that all the steps mentioned are carefully and properly followed.

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