what is water damage restoration

What is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration refers to a variety of cleaning techniques we use to prevent, remove, or restore damage caused directly by water. 

As a business that specializes in the care and cleaning of both clothing and home fabrics, we often have clients coming to us asking “what is water damage restoration?” and equally important, “when do I need it?” Water damage can happen to any of us, and you never quite know if or when you’re going to need an expert to come in and clean up the mess.

Water damage can happen for a variety of reasons. Below, we’ll go over the circumstances that can lead to water damage on your clothes, furniture, and carpet, and we’ll also share our best advice for taking care of the damage as cost effectively as possible.

What Causes Water Damage?

Even in a New York City high rise you’re not totally safe from water damage. Water damage causes vary, but include:

  •       Leaky or burst pipes, or other plumbing issues
  •       Heavy rainfall
  •       Malfunctioning household appliances
  •       Roofing issues
  •       HVAC leaks
  •       Sewage backups

Water damage can occur unexpectedly and without warning, and it can severely ruin or degrade fabrics. For that reason, it’s a good idea to establish a relationship with professional cleaners who can come in quickly to restore damaged garments and fabrics.

What Can Be Salvaged After a Flood?

What’s salvageable depends largely on the extent of the damage and how long your belongings were sitting in water. A cleaning service will be able to guide you on what can be restored and what has to be tossed, but expect that you can try to save clothing, furniture, carpet, and draperies, among other things.

However, flood water can hold toxins. If your carpet or furniture has been submerged for a full day or more, they may not be safe to keep.

How to Clean Carpet After Water Damage

The first step in our process is to dry the water damaged carpet out completely. Once it’s dry, we thoroughly clean and sanitize both the carpet and the baseboards underneath. It’s important to address every layer of carpet, since you don’t want mold or mildew to build up anywhere. When we’re satisfied that the carpet is completely clean and free of microbes, we dry it again.

Our water damage restoration services prioritize carpet cleaning, since it’s much more cost effective to try to save carpets than to rip them out and replace them.

Water Damage Restoration Services from Cameo Cleaners

Don’t get stuck trying to figure out how to fix water damage in a house. Contact Cameo Cleaners, we have years of experience bringing damaged carpets, clothes, and other fabrics back to life. And since one wrong move can mean expensive replacements, we always recommend that you rely on a professional cleaning service for water damage restoration instead of trying to do it yourself.

Please contact us today to schedule your service, and let’s get your water damaged carpets and other fabrics looking like new again!