Whether you are preparing for your nuptials and need your dress professionally cleaned, or it’s after the wedding and you want a clean dress to put away, you shouldn’t worry about being too picky or ‘fussy’ when it comes to choosing the right professional cleaner. Your wedding dress is one of the most tangible memories you carry with you from one of the best days of your life.  You don’t want to entrust just anyone with cleaning and preserving your gown, especially if you are planning on holding onto it for future family weddings or for your own daughter’s wedding. When you decide it’s time to get your dress brought back to life, there are a few questions that you should ask your dry cleaner to ensure that your dress will be treated correctly, and in a way that will allow for it to last for generations.

  1. Will your dress be cleaned separately?
    1. The routine with most dry cleaners is to throw your wedding dress into the current batch of clothing that is being dry-cleaned. This can be an unpopular option, because it means that your wedding dress is being washed with suits and colored clothing that may have the potential to ruin your own dress. If possible, you should ask for your dress to be cleaned separately.  It might be helpful to include the type of fabric that your dress is made of and the care that is indicated by the label in order to make sure that your dry cleaner has all the information that will be required to care for your dress properly.
  2. How will the stains be removed?
    1. Most stain-removal is done before dry cleaning. This doesn’t mean that dry cleaners aren’t responsible for any stain removal, but a majority of it is done during the ‘pre-spotting’. If you need your wedding dress cleaned, ask if there is a ‘pre-spotting’ treatment, and what that treatment is. If you can identify the stain beforehand, you can limit the guesswork that the drycleaners will have to do on your dress, and the chemicals that are used on your wedding dress. Your wedding dress is a precious item that will be treasured and passed down for years to come. Don’t let those memories be erased by an inexperienced wedding dress cleaner.
  3. Will your dress be pressed?
    1. After your dress has been dry cleaned, it will then (usually) be pressed. Make sure that you ask about this process and the expertise of those that will be doing it. Any dress, especially one as delicate as your wedding dress, can easily be exposed to too much heat and become permanently damaged by a steam iron. Usually wedding dresses should be pressed between clothes to protect them from this heat, so ask your dry cleaners if this is something they are experienced with.

Once you find a trusted dry cleaning service that knows how to handle your dress with the care it deserves, you can rest easy knowing that it is in good hands. Cameo Cleaners is New York City’s trusted solution for wedding dress care. Contact us today! Let us help your wedding memories to not only be preserved in photographs, but in fabric as well.


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