One might say that the process of keeping your clothes white is simple. Just toss them into a washer and add some bleach and voila! However, it’s not that simple.

First, you need to take into consideration the type of fabric your whites are made of. Not any fabric can handle the harshness of bleach and some can’t even handle the spinning of your washer no matter what setting you put your washer as. The fabric used is what defines your clothing. If mismanaged, you end up ruining the look your clothes were supposed represent.

Second, the type of white may vary. Yes, any fashion-conscious individual will tell you that there are many spectrums of white in your clothing. There’s white, ghost white, baby powder, snow, ivory, floral white, seashell, and many more! Therefore, the types of detergent and bleach you have might ruin the shade of white.

Last but not least, the quantity of clothing you have. You may be tempted to just gather all your whites together and put them into the washer. However, as explained above you may ruin them all at once! Only a professional dry cleaner can keep your clothes white while preserving the quality and color of your clothes.

To keep your clothes white, a professional dry cleaner knows how to sort them into fabric and color type. They also take into consideration the brand as some brands have very strict methods of how to clean and preserve their clothing. Hence, taking your whites to a professional dry cleaner is the smart and best way to keep your clothes white.



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