Keeping Your Whites Bright All Summer Long

Memorial Day starts off the white wearing season! There is nothing more classic than crisp white shirts and pants! Some of us have kept them away and now is the time to let them shine. Here are some simple tips that can help at home:

  • Separate – make sure all colors are completely separated
  • Wash Whites in Small Loads – this avoids redeposit of dirt and grime
  • Skip the Dryer – not only can the dryer cause shrinking but can also degrade cotton and can cause yellowing
  • Use Bleach with Caution – bleach is not ideal for all types of fabrics
  • Use Lemon Juice – lemon juice is a natural whitening alternative
  • Borax or Vinegar – other natural alternatives to remove residue
  • Soak Before Washing – use baking soda or borax to soak clothes for a couple hours and then wash
  • Always Use Warm or Hot Water
  • Dry Outdoors – if this option is viable, do so, if not use the lowest heat setting on your dryer
  • Stains – always treat stains as soon as they happen

These tips should always be tested on a small area just to be sure how each fabric will react. If you have garments that are just too stubborn, we are here to help! Our team of professionals know how to treat each type of fabric for the best result! Contact Us or Schedule a pick and we will take care of the rest.