At one point in our lives, we owned a nice, bright white shirt, top, or pants that for some reason over time, just didn’t look as white as it used to. No matter how many times we washed them and no matter which detergent we used, it never got any whiter. Isn’t it frustrating that white clothes over time seem to yellow and lose its “whiteness”? Whites should be white, not off-white right?

The problem is, your whites aren’t being washed properly. Just tossing it into the washer and putting it on the “whites” setting doesn’t make much of a difference. It just increases the temperature of the water for the most part and leaves your whites more prone to shrinkage. Special “whites only” detergents don’t help much either. They may be good at removing stains if you’re quick enough to remove them, but their damaging chemicals does more harm than good.

A professional dry cleaner can tackle all types of white attire and as well all the different shades of white. Their professional equipment and decades of experience is what allows them to keep your whites white for longer. Your whites will stay white if you allow them to be handled by professionals.

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