Best Way to Preserve Designer Wedding Gown
The ceremony was everything you imagined it would be and the honeymoon was a dream come true. Now it’s time to get down to business. Besides unwrapping the gifts and writing the thank you notes, one item on your to-do list is how to store the dress. Proper storage of your wedding dress is crucial to keeping the memory alive. You have already thought to take care to have it cleaned of the normal wear during your wedding such as dancing up a sweat, bumping into your aunt and having a bit of white wine spilled on your dress. Your designer dress may still suffer some affliction if it’s not stowed perfectly.

Whether your dress is Vera Wang, Marchesa, or Oscar De La Renta, Cameo Cleaners are the top professionals in wedding gown preservation. We take satisfaction in providing unique and convenient gown preservation techniques.

  • Your wedding dress is wrapped in acid-free fibers.
  • The preservation box in which your memento is held is acid-free.
  • The vessel should be stored in a climate controlled area.
  • We recommend inspecting your gown every 2-3 years.

Prior to bringing out your memory for inspection or for showing off, remember to wash your hands thoroughly. We take care not to put your dress away until it is thoroughly cleaned. We work around the most intricate embroidering and adornments to leave everything as good as new.

Cameo Cleaners is your all-inclusive gown preservationists. In addition to our 50+ years in cleaning, we are able to repair any rips or tears that may have occurred during your nuptials. Contact us for your wedding gown to be preserved in as good a condition as when you wore it down the aisle. Caring professionals are waiting to assist in keeping your moment frozen in time.