We all know how classic wedding stories go. The boyfriend kneels on one knee and proposes. She says yes. They start planning for their wedding day, including the hall, the gown, the invitations, etc. Then once they both say I do, everyone goes back home and all assume (and hope) that the newly wed live happily ever after. What we don’t hear very often is what happens after the wedding. More specifically, what does the bride do with her wedding gown? Wedding gown preservation is key.

Most brides just store their wedding gowns in their basements, attic, or in an already stuffed closet. This isn’t the way you should be treating your investment. Wedding gowns are symbols and a memory of your special day. They shouldn’t be treated just like any other piece of clothing. Wedding gown preservation is needed in order to keep your wedding gown as clean and white as the day you first chose it.

Professional dry cleaners know how to preserve wedding gowns. Decades of experience and changing gown styles has allowed them to master the art of wedding gown preservation and cleaning. If you’re looking for a place to store your wedding gown, professional dry cleaners can also store your wedding gowns. From cleaning to preservation to storage, you can trust a professional dry cleaner to take care of your wedding gown.

Contact a professional dry cleaner today for all your wedding gown preservation needs.


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