When we think about high-end fashion, glamour, and beautiful clothes, we tend to think about women. However, NYC hosted a groundbreaking Men’s Fashion Week — a reminder that the art of style is for all of us.

From July 13 – 16, the Council of Fashion Designers of America brought a showcase of American Men’s fashion to Skylight Clarkson SQ. Many celebrated designers exhibited their newest work, including Thom Browne, Calvin Klein, John Varvatos, Billy Reid, and many more. The fashions included suits, street-wear, and every-day casual, as well as some more experimental and avant-garde looks. Of course, this event was not only a showcase of fine men’s fashion — it was an artistic experience in and of itself. We particularly enjoyed Thom Browne’s live installation called “The Officeman,” where models stood side-by-side in a small mirrored room, endlessly reflecting. They each wore sleek gray suits with slim ankle-length trousers, and long-length jackets that fell below their hips. In the “endless repetition” of that mirrored room, the small elegant details really stood out. Among the crowd, many athletes, actors, and musicians showed up to check out the show.

In the past, men’s fashion has shown with women’s at the annual Fashion Week event in September. This is the first year that men’s fashion has garnered its own stand-alone show in NYC. We at Cameo Cleaners celebrate this step forward into fashion equality!

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