Local-Quality Cleaners Don’t Need To Be Local

When someone thinks “local dry cleaner,” it is a common misconception that these places always offer high qualities of service and customer satisfaction. They are, after all, your neighbors—someone who lives or works farther away from you may not see you as a part of their community, and so might not care as much about taking care of your clothing.

This line of thinking is not always true, as is the reverse. You don’t have to settle for your local cleaners because of proximity if they aren’t living up to your standards. It is important to look for high-quality dry cleaners, regardless of distance; they put just as much care and detail into your garment as they would any other. Furthermore, they actually go beyond the regular call of duty, too: They will even travel or offer shipping alternatives to cater to their clients.

Quality dry cleaners take a number of measures to make sure your garments are well cared for. They will remove or cover any vulnerable buttons, snaps or closures before cleaning, will make sure clothes are pressed and hung on appropriate hangers upon return and will completely eliminate spots and soils, making the garment look like new each time.

The best way to find an expert dry cleaner is to ask the experts themselves; a dry cleaner who can service the Metropolitan Opera, for instance, can clean anything. Ask any dry cleaners you’re considering working with about their history of clients—this will be more telling than anything a layman could observe.