The Winter holidays are over and Spring will soon bloom upon us. The weather will get warmer and the clothes will be lighter. As you begin to shop for your Spring attire, a thought may pop into your mind: “What will I do with all my winter clothes?”

Professional dry cleaners help make the transition from Winter to Spring easy by offering trusted storage solutions.  They can help you store your furs and other winter gear so you can focus on the Spring season with no hassle.

Professional dry cleaners don’t just simply store your furs. They also clean and preserve them to make sure that they stay as fresh and good as new from the day you bought them. They can also come to you (especially during these times) so you don’t have to worry and carry all your furs to us. They can also bring them back to you whenever you want them. Just give us a call.

Trust Cameo Cleaners with all your fur storage needs.