With Spring right around the corner, February is the perfect time to start organizing your clothes. Here are 5 tips for saying goodbye to the clutter and hello to your new spring wardrobe:

1. Update your wardrobe 2-4 times per year. With each changing season, take a good look at what’s in your closet. Be sure to hold on to timeless classics, and don’t forget to professionally clean any sweaters, jackets or other seasonal apparel before storing it away until the next year! The beginning of spring is a great time to move winter items out-of-the-way to make room for the new season’s fashions.

2. Storage is key. Do you often misplace that favorite scarf or sweater? Make sure to store your most frequently used items at eye level, lesser used items below, and your least-used items up higher. This will ensure that you always know where your favorite items are!

3. Be creative. You can easily create more room in your closet by storing your clean, off-season clothes in storage boxes up high or under your bed. Better yet, utilize creative solutions for storing these items! Place storage ottomans, vintage chests or decorative suitcases around the house to store out-of-season linens, blankets or sweaters.

4. Be honest. Has it been over a year since you’ve last worn that blouse? Are you holding on to outdated or ill-fitting clothing just because you paid a lot for it or because it has sentimental value? There is no point in keeping items that no longer make you feel amazing! Letting go of outdated pieces can go a long way in creating an updated closet – without even buying anything new.

5. Do some good. You can easily give new life to your unwanted clothing items by donating them to a local charity or community organization. Schedule a time to drop off the donation and know that you are both making a difference and organizing your clothes at the same time!

It’s important to have your clothing items professionally cleaned before storing them in the off-season or donating them. Cameo Cleaners specializes in high-end dry cleaning services for your clothing items. Contact us today for your dry cleaning needs!