Organizing your clothes is always a challenge.  You have a closet full of fantastic, designer clothes that you can’t wait to wear, and the winter months tend to come with more clothing than you wear any other time of the year.  Whether it’s that gorgeous sweater that you can’t wait to get back on or the coat that you bought just to wear to your next fancy event, you’ll want to make sure that you’re looking your best–and Cameo Cleaners can certainly help you on your way.

Pull your closet together.  You have different coats for different pastimes, from the elegant dinner coat that you only wear a few times over the course of the season to the favorite coat that you pull on almost every time you set foot out into the frigid winter temperatures.  Organize your coats according to their use, with the ones that you use most frequently in the front and the ones that are used less often tucked back where they will be out of the way.  Have a few that haven’t been worn since last year and need freshening up?  Cameo Cleaners can have your most stylish coats and other clothing looking its best in no time.

Shoes.  For many women, shoes are the hardest item to store.  They’re not a uniform size or shape, and there are many shoes that were purchased to be worn with a single outfit.  Consider keeping them in their boxes, with pictures on the outside that will tell you what’s in them.  Has your favorite pair of boots been gathering dust over the summer?  Good news:  Cameo Cleaners can restore them to their best in no time.  We have the expertise to handle suede and leather as well as other materials, and we can clean up your shoes and even handbags with only minimal effort on your part.

Miscellaneous apparel:  By the middle of winter, it’s not uncommon for gloves, scarves, and beanies to be scattered all over the house–and that’s the last thing you want when the time comes to head out into the cold.  Designate a space for all of the miscellaneous items that you only use through the winter months.  This can be a drawer, a box, or even a set of hanging shelves.  Once you’re done wearing each item, instead of shoving it into the nearest place where it will be out of the way, place it neatly back in your freshly organized location.  Then, when the time comes to find your favorite pair of gloves, all you have to do is pull it out–not fish one of the pair out from under the bed and the other from the back of the closet.

Contact us for all of your dry cleaning needs. If it needs a little bit of an extra touch, bring it to Cameo Cleaners. We can get it cleaned up for you. Cameo Cleaners even uses eco-friendly products, so you can feel good about the way your clothes are cared for.