Winter is over and spring is here. After a busy first half of the month preparing taxes, now it’s time to do some spring cleaning. Don’t know what to clean first? Cameo Cleaners recommends starting with your drapes and upholstery. This is because they are the first thing that meets the eye when you walk into a room. Clean drapery and upholstery leave a good impression on anyone who walks into your house.

Over time, draperies get dusty and dirty. They can be difficult to remove and tough to clean. However, there’s no need to do it all yourself. At Cameo Cleaners, we’re experts in drapery cleaning. With over 60+ years of experience, we know how to ensure that your drapes are clean and fresh for the spring season.

Upholstery stains always occur no matter how careful you are. If stains stay on for too long, it can be difficult or impossible to remove as it sets in with the dye of your fabric. Avoid the risk by contacting Cameo Cleaners! With over 60+ years of experience, you can trust us to make sure that your upholstery is stain free and clean as the way you bought them.

No need to remove your draperies and transport your upholstery to us. Our specialized team can come to your location at your convenience. Just give us a call!

Call Cameo Cleaners for all your drapery and upholstery cleaning needs.