Interior Cleaning Tips

As the rates of Covid-19 cases decline, you might want to host small gatherings, but are the conditions of your drapes, upholstery and carpets looking as spectacular as they should? Since we have been at home for about a year now, the foot traffic on your carpets and/or rugs have increased tremendously. This causes dirt, dust mites, and stains (wine, food, or pet) to settle deep into the carpet.

Here are some tips to preserve textiles in your home:

  • Vacuuming will remove some of the settled dirt and dust.
  • For minor stains on rugs, use soap and water, but first test it on a small area with a cotton swab to see how it reacts.
  • If you have a handheld steamer, you can hold it 6-8 inches from your drapes or curtains to help smooth out the wrinkles.

If these tips do not work, you might need a deep cleaning. With online schooling for the kids, cooking, laundry and all the other daily responsibilities of maintaining our households, who has time to deep clean? For this type of cleaning, you can leave it to us! We offer complimentary pick-up service or at home restoration to have your home looking as pristine and clean as possible. Surely to impress your guests!

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