Cleaning Your Furs

Furs can be one of the most challenging pieces to maintain in your ensemble—but they can also be the most rewarding. Affording yourself the luxury of a fur garment or accessory means that you should also afford yourself the luxury of a high-quality dry cleaner.

Fur is a unique material for garments, in that it requires a certain amount of oil to keep it healthy. Pollutants like dust and airborne dirt can dry out these oils, causing the fur to lose its luster, and the leather lining to become brittle. Furs should be cleaned about once a year to avoid drying out these oils while still ensuring that accumulated particles don’t do the same.

There is some controversy over whether fur should be taken to a dry cleaner or a furrier. The issue arises mainly because many dry cleaners are not qualified to handle furs properly. A truly professional service, however, will be clear in communicating that they have special resources for taking care of your fur garments without risk of damage. In fact, these fine dry cleaning services often use the exact same resources available to those who specialize only in fur.

A reliable dry cleaner will be able to inspect the garment to make sure it’s been cared for properly. If it’s been improperly stored, there is a risk of the leather lining having become dry and prone to tearing. Once the garment has lost its natural oils, there is very little chance of salvaging it. A coat that’s been kept in a home without professional attention will only last between five to seven years, whereas the help of an experienced fur specialist can guarantee your piece will last well into future generations.