Caring For Leather And Suede Items

Leather and suede items are a classic staple of the well-rounded wardrobe. From shoes to purses to coats, a little skin goes a long way. Keeping these special pieces looking like new, however, can be a bit of a challenge. While there are a few things you can do on your own to maintain them, it’s best to trust your dry cleaner with tackling things like stains and storage.

Experts carry special tools like suede brushes to remove dirt and dry stains. Although these tools may be available to you, using them incorrectly—by brushing against the grain, for instance—can result in damage and unnecessary wear. Suede and leather are not only susceptible to dirt and dust, but to scuff marks and scratches, as well. These can occur through everyday use, but incorrectly caring for them can also distress the material. Trust only an experienced dry cleaner who deals with leather clothes and accessories to take care of your pieces.

Weather can be especially harsh on leather. Mud and slush can set dirt deep into the skin, making it hard to clean. Sunlight and humidity can also cause it to warp. Try to keep from exposing your sensitive pieces to the elements, and be careful about how you store them. Keeping them in an area where they’ll be hit by sunlight or changes in humidity will dramatically shorten the life of your leather. Keeping them with other clothes can also cover them in dust and lint. Try to trust the storage of leather and suede to a professional dry cleaner that has experience dealing with these materials.

Leathers and suedes can be very sensitive to any agents used to clean or treat them. Quality dry cleaners know which chemicals can harm the material, and which ones can safely be used to clean and protect it. Try to avoid confronting stains yourself, or you may end up fading or damaging the piece. Leaving it with your dry cleaner is not only safe and effective—it’s easy.