Preparing for spring months is a heady rush. You’re finally able to pack away your heavy clothes, bringing out lighter weight fabrics, brighter colors, and skirts and shorts that you haven’t been able to wear since early fall. Winter storage, however, can feel daunting. What are you going to do with all of those clothes?

Clean them. Cameo Cleaners is the perfect spot for all of your dry cleaning needs, and we’ll ensure that all of your clothes are ready to go when winter rolls around again. Cleaning clothes before you store them helps to keep moths out. Like many other bugs, they’re attracted to any food particles (or even deodorant or perfume particles) left on your clothing after wearing. By cleaning your clothing before you store it, you ensure that it will be as fresh as possible and keep the bugs out!

Sort through your closets. Are there items that you didn’t wear all season and likely won’t be wearing again? Now is the time to discard them. Have a bag for donation, a bag for trash (items that are beyond repair), and a bag of items needing repair handy as you sort through your closet. There’s no sense in storing something that you’re never going to wear again.

Bring us that “to be repaired” bag. Cameo Cleaners has an excellent team of tailors who can fix things that you didn’t even know could be repaired. Bring us those items that are torn, need buttons replaced, or have damage to the embroidery and let us see what we can do! We can also come to your home at your convenience for your tailoring and repair needs.

Store your clothing for next year. Once it’s clean, repaired, and ready to go, store your clothing away for next year. Cedar or lavender will help keep the moths at bay and add a lovely scent that will linger in your clothes when you remove them from storage next year. Plastic storage bins close securely, as do plastic space saver bags; if you’re lucky enough to have a cedar chest for storing away your winter clothes, take full advantage of it!

Keep in mind where you’re going to be storing your items, too. A dark, well-ventilated area is best for storing your clothes and keeping them fresh for next year. Bright sunlight can fade your favorite fabrics before you pull them back out again, and bugs love to play in damp areas.

Think ahead to next year. Store things in a manner that makes sense to you, with like things stored together: sweaters stored with sweaters, pants stored with pants, and outfits stored together where possible. It doesn’t make any sense to be digging through a pile of boxes looking for the final accessory to complete your favorite winter ensemble.

Sound like too much effort? You can always contact us for your winter storage needs. Cameo Cleaners offers a safe storage facility where you can keep all of your winter clothes until you need them again. We’ll take a full inventory of all of your seasonal items, itemize it for your records, and pull it back out for you whenever you need it. Our facility is climate-controlled and monitored, so there’s no risk to your favorite outfits. Bring them out at the start of the next season, or access them whenever you need them–we’re here to make your life just that much easier.