Did you know that many people fail to clean many of their clothing properly? Furs are one of the most high-maintenance coats available on the market. Cleaning them properly is of the utmost importance to preserving them for a lifetime. Here are some classic mistakes that you should avoid making to keep your furs lasting a long time:

1)      Do NOT put them into the washer. Putting your furs into your washing machine is just asking for a disaster. The hairs on your furs are not meant to be treated in this manner. They need gentle and professional care and we highly recommended taking them to a high-end, professional dry cleaner for this.

2)      Be careful with how you clean stains. Stains can happen to any coat, but cleaning them off fur coats can be a bit complicated. You might ruin the natural oils on your furs and using any soap or cleaning agent can damage your furs. Professional dry cleaners know how to handle stains. Therefore, a quick trip to your professional dry cleaners is recommended.

3)      Just because the hairs on the furs are naturally oiled, doesn’t mean its waterproof. Furs shouldn’t be hand-washed or be exposed to extended sessions outside when it’s a rainy day. If this has been the case with your fur coat, and the natural oils are beginning to go away, a professional dry cleaner can restore those oils and give you tips on how to better prevent them from losing their oils again.


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