As we’re moving into the coldest part of the year, you may think it’s time to get your beautiful, natural fur coat out. It warms you better than any other piece of clothing, and is deliciously comfortable.

But owning and wearing a fur coat requires maintenance. The beauty of natural fur can last a lifetime, but only if cared for properly. That’s what we’re here for! Here’s everything you need to know about fur cleaning.

Why Fur Needs Cleaned Regularly

To keep it in the best possible shape, natural fur should be cleaned at least once a year by a professional. Even if you don’t wear it, fur collects dust and oils that are harmful to its endurance. To avoid holding a matted coat one autumn morning, take it to the cleaner regularly.


The Fur Cleaning Process

Our fur cleaning process involves several steps. First, tumble the fur lightly in a drum with saw dust, which removes dirt and draws out oils. Then, we vacuum it lightly to remove the saw dust completely, leaving nothing but a clean coat. Finally, we subject it to a glazing procedure that ensures your fur’s natural oils will not dry out.

Cleaning isn’t the only thing you have to be careful of with your natural fur coat. It should also be stored in the right environment; temperature and humidity are both variables that should be considered when choosing where to store your coat. Fortunately, we can help out there as well! If you keep it with us until you decide to use it, we’ll store it in a temperature and humidity controlled environment where it remains fresh and healthy until you need it.

So if you’re getting out your beautiful fur coat and decide it could use some freshening up, don’t hesitate! Contact us to let us help you and your fur.