Fur coats are an important part of everyone’s winter wardrobe. It is an important investment that needs to be handled with care to avoid unnecessary damage. Protecting the natural oils in your fur coat is something that a washing machine or average dry cleaner can’t do. Therefore, you need to take your fur coats to a professional dry cleaner that specializes in fur cleaning like Cameo Cleaners.

Natural oils in fur are like natural oils produced from our hair. Without them, hairs of the fur will become brittle and weak. If not protected, these hairs can break and call off resulting in an unrepairable fur coat.

Protection from the elements such as dirt, dust, pollutants, etc. is also very important. This is because these contaminants cause your natural oils to dry out much faster which results in the same issues stated above.

Conditioning your fur coats is also very important as oils in your fur coat can evaporate over time. By conditioning your fur coat, oils are reintroduced to the furs. This allows for your fur coat to remain moisturized and in excellent condition.

What’s the lesson in all of this? Your fur coats need special care. Only Cameo Cleaners can guarantee the protection of your fur coats.

Trust Cameo Cleaners for all your fur cleaning needs.