As you store your Louboutin Fifi Knee Boots and your Mark Kauffman mink stroller and shimmy into your summer couture collection, you’ll probably realize that summer tailoring for your favorite warm-weather wardrobe pieces is necessary.  No need to worry; Cameo Cleaners can provide the summer tailoring services you need!

Cameo Cleaners offers the best practices in custom tailoring needs, catering to high-fashion, high-end pieces.  In addition to offering tailoring needs at our Manhattan location on Third Avenue, our world-class tailors are more than happy to come to your home or place of business to help expedite service and to fit your busy schedule.

Our best practices not only include traditional tailoring methods, but also invisible weaving, a process a very select few of the world’s best tailors can perform.  Cameo Cleaners is proud to say that our talented tailors have perfected this difficult technique, and we can say with confidence that we can repair moth holes, pulls, burns, and tears without a hitch.  When you spend top-dollar on high-quality, couture clothing, only the highest-quality professionals should be trusted to tailor and to repair your clothing items.  At Cameo, we can proudly say that we are able to provide quality service that will not disappoint.

So as you transition to your summer wardrobe and realize that your adorable Dolce & Gabbana Vinchi-Print bikini top needs to be taken in a few inches, your Alice and Olivia Maxi needs to be taken out a few centimeters, or your beloved Michael Kors clutch has a tear that needs to be weaved, contact us, Cameo Cleaners.  We promise to provide the quality, high-end summer tailoring services your designer wardrobe deserves.