do dry cleaners do alterations

Do Dry Cleaners Do Alterations?

Yes, some providers will offer alteration services, but it’s important that you only trust the most experienced, professional, and luxury cleaners–like Cameo– to provide alterations. Our alteration experience is very extensive with both men’s and women’s clothing, and it’s this kind of experience that separates us from the more average cleaners.

We believe what you wear is an expression of your personality, and pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest alteration methods. As one of the leading dry cleaners that do alterations in New York City, we understand the importance of finding a professional.

How Do Clothing Repair and Alterations Work?

First, you’ll need to try on whatever garment you need to have altered. Our specialists can work with anything from suit pants and jackets to skirts and wedding dresses. Once you inform them on what you’d like hemmed or lengthed, the alteration technician will mark the seams to indicate where the garment’s new dimensions will fall. It’s a pretty simple process, but it requires an immense amount of skill and precision to avoid costly revisions if the first alterations didn’t fit properly.

Clothing repair is different from alterations, but it requires a similar skill in manipulating the seams of garments. Repairing holes and tears require specialists to reduce damage in the warp and weft of the fabric. You don’t need to try on the affected garment first, but attention to detail is extremely crucial.

What Alterations Can A Tailor Make?

Some dry cleaners specialize in just one or two types of fabrics, but at Cameo Cleaners, we have a wide range of apparel alteration services. Our professional team can hem, tuck, or lengthen anything you need, including shirts, suits, delicates, and wedding dresses.

Experience Luxury Alteration and Tailoring Services Now!

Other dry cleaners in New York City can’t compare to our extraordinary in-home service as well as the numerous list of items that we have the power to clean, restore, and alter. We offer organic hand-washing and can ship your belongings to you. Get in touch with us on the phone or via email and let Cameo Cleaners completely refurbish your wardrobe today!