So you purchased your brand new drapes and it looks fabulous! After some tinkering with the installation and some elbow grease, you now have a wonderful looking living room. The drapes help to complete the living room set-up. No living room is complete without them. You also bought drapes for your bedrooms as well and now, every room in your house looks gorgeous. Soon, the days start to go by and you begin to notice that your drapes aren’t looking as fresh and clean as they used to. You start to notice dust piling up and some stains where your guests or children (or even yourself) might have caused. Even the oils and sweat from your hands begin to leave their marks on your precious drapes. How in the world are you going to clean your drapes? Will you need to dismantle the entire set-up for all your drapes? Should you put them in the washer?

Drapery cleaning isn’t hard to accomplish. However, you cannot do it yourself. Washing your drapes at home will only ruin your drapes. You may use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the excess dust and you may use water and a rag to dab the stain while it’s still fresh. However, those solutions only temporary. They are not true solutions for removing the dirt and stains that are on your drapes. Dust and dirt are still in the fabric of your drapes and those stains will still show their mark no matter how faint. Allowing dust to settle into your drapes will cause allergies and stuffy noses for everyone who goes near them. Those stains, if not treated or only treated lightly, will add up over time and will really begin to show how dirty your drapes are no matter how much you clean them.

The only solution to cleaning your drapes the right way is to contact a professional dry cleaner. They know how to handle all types of drapery and have years of experience doing so. The best part is, you don’t even need to take your draperies to them – they will come to you! Yes, just give them a call and set an appointment at your convenience. Then, they will come and take care of everything for you. You can even have them handle your upholstery while they’re there.

Only a professional dry cleaner can handle all your drapery cleaning needs.


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