Imagine you’re at a ski resort with your friends and family; playing and having fun. It’s your turn to go down the slope and you’re very excited. You begin to descend and after several seconds you fall. No big deal – just get back up and continue your descent. You make it to the bottom but only after falling a couple more times. You go up the mountain for another round and experience the same thing. Fun, excitement, thrill, and of course, a couple of falls. No hard feelings, just part of the experience.


Your experience with skiing varies from person to person and you may not even fall at all throughout your entire time at the resort (impressive!), but the issue remains the same. You need to clean your ski clothes after every trip. Why you ask? Ski clothes are made to be durable and protect you from the snow, ice, and especially wind. When you fall, your ski clothing is what’s protecting you. This protection needs protecting (no pun intended). By cleaning your ski clothes, you’ll ensure that you will remain protected for you next trip.


And for those of you who rarely fall, you also sweat. Which means that, just like any other clothing, you’ll need to remove the sweat from your ski clothes in order for it to maintain peak functionality. It’s also healthier for you to wear clean clothes, free from sweat and other bodily particles like dead skin cells and hair.


As important as it is to clean your ski clothing, it’s just as important to ensure that they are being cleaned at the right place. A professional dry cleaner is the only place that cleans ski clothing right. Contact us today and we’ll keep your ski clothes clean and fresh for your next trip.