At Cameo Cleaners, we are experts in the field of wedding gown cleaning. For decades and throughout the changing fashion trends, we have cleaned wedding gowns to perfection. Whether you are getting married soon, just got married, or want to pass it on to whoever else may be getting married, cleaning your wedding gown at Cameo Cleaners is the best way to ensure a fresh and well preserved wedding gown.

Cameo Cleaners inspects wedding gowns carefully before cleaning. We ensure that the most delicate parts of the gown are cleaned with the utmost care. Throughout the cleaning process, we continuously inspect your wedding gown to make sure it stays perfect. After the cleaning process, we wrap your gown in an acid-free fiber wrap and in an acid-free box to preserve your gown until you are ready to pick it up.

If you are short on time and can’t come to us to pick up your gown, then no worries. Cameo Cleaners can come to you! Cameo Cleaners offers free pick up and delivery around our area.

Contact Cameo Cleaners today with all your wedding gown needs.