Bridal Alterations NYC

Wedding gowns are an investment and should be treated as such. Just like with any investment, you don’t just trust anyone to handle it. When going into stocks, you research the best trading brokers that you can trust. When buying a home, you reach out to a bank that you trust for a loan. So should dry cleaners be trusted when it comes to cleaning and preserving wedding gowns? The short answer is yes and no.

You see, average dry cleaners care about quantity and it shows in the quality of their cleaning. They know that they will only receive a certain number of clients within their local area, so the more efficient they are in mass cleaning everyone’s clothing, the more time they have to continue doing so with minimal staff. Therefore, you shouldn’t trust them with your wedding gowns as they will probably just dry clean it like they dry clean everything else without a care for if they are doing so properly or not.

Professional dry cleaners on the other hand are much better. They seek to understand the piece that their dealing with before actually moving forward to dealing with it. Their decades of experience is a testament to how well they handle people’s investments. They focus on the quality and won’t take rush jobs for the sake of earning a quick buck if they know that they won’t be able to clean it as professionally as they can. Their staff are knowledgeable and aren’t mindless workers. Everyone plays an important part from the very staff at the front desk who receives your wedding gown to the delivery guy that delivers it back to your location for free if requested.

Wedding gowns are cleaned then preserved in museum quality boxes that maintains the freshness and cleanliness of the dress for a lifetime. A professional dry cleaner can also store your wedding gown for you if conditions for storing your gown at home isn’t ideal.

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