Whenever you open your closet and see your wedding gown, a rush of memories flood your mind from that special day. A day that changed your life forever. Your wedding day was a special day that should always be remembered. A day to constantly be thankful about. However, life moves on and suddenly, you find yourself making a decision. Should I throw away my wedding gown?

This question can arise due to the fact that you have new outfits you may want to store in your closet and don’t have enough space. Or you have children and it’s time to reorganize your house so that space is shared accordingly.  Perhaps you hardly wear it and feel like it’s time to let it go. At Cameo Cleaners, we believe the answer is no.

At Cameo Cleaners, we believe that you shouldn’t have to throw away your memories just to create space in your closet. Take your wedding gown to us and we’ll preserve your wedding gown for you! No need to worry about what to do with your wedding gown. Keep it safe and sound with us!

When we preserve your wedding gown, we’ll make sure that it gets the proper treatment. First, we clean it to ensure that sweat, dust, and other damaging elements are removed from your wedding gown. Then, we wrap it with acid-free fibers to prevent any damaging particles from touching your wedding gown. Then we place it in an acid-free storage box and store it in an environment appropriate for storing wedding gowns. We store wedding gowns in an area with stable temperate and humidity. We also inspect wedding gowns every 2-3 years for safe measure.

Preserve your memories. Take your wedding gown to Cameo Cleaners.