As wedding season has ended and you’re settling into your new married life, you might be thinking about that stained or dirty wedding gown hanging in your closet. Many brides search tirelessly for that perfect gown to include in their love story and the memories tied to that gown last a lifetime. If you want your gown to help you relive those memories or if you want to be prepared for a future daughter to fall in love with your gown, quality wedding gown cleaning is essential. So, what do you need to know in order to clean your wedding gown and prepare it for storage or display?

Wedding gowns come in many different types of fabrics and almost always include embellishments. Determining the proper technique based on fabric type and intricately cleaning between and around embellishments is a huge factor in preserving and restoring your gown. You want to restore and preserve every inch of the most important dress you’ll ever wear!

In order to prevent fading, your gown should be wrapped in acid-free fibers and stored in an acid-free box. Inspection every 2-3 years is recommended in order to prevent fading, discoloration, and overall wear. Even if you are utilizing acid-free storage materials, gown inspection could allow you to catch tiny areas of fading or wear before they turn into big ones. Keeping your gown looking new for many years is possible as long as you stay on top of it!

Be prepared to keep your gown looking like the first time you put it on by contacting us for quality cleaning!