Storing Your Furs

Don’t try this at home. Storing furs requires fine control over variables like temperature, humidity, and exposure to light. Cold storage is essential to making sure your garment doesn’t dry out and become irreparably brittle, after which point, no one—not even the most experienced fur specialist—can salvage it.

Hanging furs in bags can be dangerous. Plastics will dry out the leather lining, causing it to crack and disintegrate. Bags of any material can apply too much pressure to sensitive hairs and cause them to bend or break. Even storing furs in a closet can desiccate the skin, as woods are notorious for absorbing oils. Only trust an experienced dry cleaner that specializes in fur to keep it safely stored in their climate-controlled facility.

When out of storage, it’s important to use the correct kind of hanger. Fur pieces are especially susceptible to losing their shape, so the hanger must be broad and padded in order to maintain contours. Keeping the fur garment close to your other clothing will almost certainly cause it to dry out, and the oils can have insidious effects on more delicate fabrics. Try to reserve a dedicated space for your furs in your wardrobe.

The best approach to keeping your furs stored for seasons at a time is to trust a professional dry cleaner or furrier. Only they have the resources—and patience—to properly care for this temperamental material. Having them professionally cleaned while under storage will ensure that your treasured garment lasts several lifetimes.