Winter Clothing Storage Handled Right

After a long and hard winter, the last thing you want to be reminded of is how many layers you had to bundle up in every day. Seeing your thick, cumbersome coats not only brings up memories of the bitter cold, but these also take up precious closet space. Put your mind—and closet—at ease by finding a quality dry cleaner to service and store these seasonal pieces until you need them again.

The best services will come to your home, itemize all the garments you wish to store and take them away without your having to lift a finger. In addition, these services will even bring the clothes right back to you next winter, crisp and clean as they were at the beginning of the previous winter season.

Keeping them stored with a professional service is a much better alternative to storing clothes yourself, as doing so incorrectly can cause a lot of problems. Containers can carry odors, dust and bugs, and garments like fur and leather in particular are extremely sensitive when exposed to changes in temperature and humidity. Your safest and easiest option is to find a dry cleaner that can take care of these variables for you and that will even do the tedious job of organizing, bundling together and transporting all your winter clothes.