Furs are some of the most valuable pieces of clothing you can ever own. The effort put into designing fur coats are just as demanding as the maintaining the furs itself. Because of this, true furs are usually considered an investment and they should be treated as such. But how can you treat them right when you lack proper fur storage?

Stuffing your furs into an improperly sized hanger in an already stuffed closet is the biggest mistake owners of fur coats make. In addition, they do not properly maintain the hairs of their furs throughout the period of their storage which damages them in the long run. In order to properly store your furs, you need to take them to a professional dry cleaner.

Professional dry cleaners know how to maintain and store furs. Their fur storage solutions are excellent for saving valuable storage space at home, ensuring the longevity of your furs, and for having a piece of mind knowing that your furs are in great hands. Professional dry cleaners also offer free pick-up and delivery services so you don’t have to take your furs to them; they can come to you!

Trust professional dry cleaners for all your fur storage needs.


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